Let your imagination roar!

    Hi!  I am 19 years-old and a proud entrepreneur.  My product Wäkkii is a professionally made product that lets children step into their own imaginative world and have fun!  It is a t-shirt with a soft velcro patch on the bottom that lets children attach all different types of animal tails and accessories to it.  Stay tuned...more attachments to come!  Wäkkii creates a new way for children to express themselves, develop their imagination and creativity, and have fun.  With Wäkkii, your child will flourish due to the many benefits of imaginative and creative play.

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Our Guarantee:

Wäkkii guarantees that all of our hand-made products are of high quality!  It wishes that you will love your new Wäkkii almost as much as how much love we put into making one.